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Florida State Annual Report Filing

An Annual Report is required for Florida corporate entities. Examples of a Florida corporate entity may be a Corporation, a Subchapter S corporation, and a Limited Liability Corporation, or LLC. If a corporate entity is formed in Florida, an annual report must be filed every year.

Failure to file an annual report in a timely manner will result in corporate dissolution, or the corporation being dissolved. In addition to corporate dissolution, a significant penalty may be imposed to reinstate the corporate entity.

The online Annual Report contains the same information and filing requirements as the Annual Report that is filed by mail. For the purpose of filing documents online, the typed name of the individual "signing" the document is sufficient under s.15.16, Florida Statutes. Electronic signatures have the same legal effect as original signatures.

Under normal circumstances, an online report filed will be processed the next business day and will be available for verification within three business days from the date payment is completed.

Payment may be securely completed online with a credit card or check online.